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Gold 24Kt - 1gm : Rs.2,944

Gold 22Kt - 1gm : Rs. 2,699

Gold 18Kt - 1gm : Rs. 2,208

Silver (925) - 1gm : Rs.35.50

Sliver (999) - 1gm : Rs.38.40

Platinum (99.5) - 1gm : Rs.2650

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Jewellery Care

Every piece of Jewellery that you own holds a special place in your heart and as such you would not want to leave a stone unturned to make it look as fabulous as it is when you bought it.

Some of the simple steps to “care for your Jewellery”

How Do I store my Jewellery

  • A cool and dry place is best for storing jewellery. Heat, humidity, exposure to direct sunlight – these are jewellery’s biggest enemies.
  • Use a good quality jewellery box with the inner lining ideally be made of suedeor chamois. Separate compartments for storing earrings, studs, chains, necklaces, bangles, bracelets ensure that the pieces do not entangle and prevents scratching. Avoid using plastic boxes to store jewellery.
  • Chains and necklaces should be stored flat. Any strings (Pearl/Coral malas etc.) especially should be stored flat, because hanging them can weaken the threads.
  • A sachet or two of silica gel in your jewellery box or wherever you store jewellery will help to keep humidity away.
  • Never ever store jewellery made of different metals together. Also, pearls and other stones get scratch very easily and as such they should be stored separately.
  • Expose your jewellery out into air once in a while – jewellery can lose its sheen and some stones (eg: pearls) can become dull if they are stored for too long.

How Do I wear My Jewellery

  • Before wearing any jewellery piece, always make sure to check it for loose stones or clasps or stretched strings.
  • Perfumes, body lotions, creams,makeup etc. – any chemical even if it is supposed to make your skin smooth and soft is abrasive enough to harm jewellery by dulling its shine and polish. When getting dressed, the jewellery should be worn last – makeup, deodorants, hairspray etc. should be applied or sprayed first.
  • Avoid house work or any otheractivity that may cause dust, dirt and sweat to accumulate when wearing jewellery especially rings, bangles and so on.
  • Swimming with jewellery on is must be avoided as chlorine in the water can damage jewellery like nothing else can.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery that hangs or has protruding stones with fabric that is rough like jute or wool. The links, hooks et al of the jewellery may get caught on the fibre and get damaged.
  • Jewellery should be removed as soon as possible.Perspiration is extremely harmful for jewellery – the salt inthe sweat causes jewellery to lose its sheen.

How do I clean My Jewellery

  • Cleaning gemstone studded jewellery is best with a mild soap solution and a very soft brush. Do not scrubthe jewellery, instead just clean up accumulated dirt if any with mild strokes of the brush.
  • The metal portion of the jewellery should be wiped clean with a damp with lint free cloth.
  • After cleaning the jewellery,leave it on a towel for some time to ensure that it is totally dry.
  • Once in a while it helps to have a professional clean your jewellery. The jeweller will also check for loose fittings if any and use cleaning solutions that help jewellery retain its sparkle. So give it to a nearest jewllery service provider to make your jewellery sparkle.